A violent volcanic eruption 8000 miles away has been detected in upstate New York


Could a volcanic eruption 8000 miles away affect us here in the metropolitan area?

Ross Lazer, a scientist in the University of Albany’s Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, has been following the undersea volcanic eruption off the coast of New Zealand, and has come to some interesting conclusions.

“This is one of the massive eruptions that a volcano can produce approximately every thousand years.” -Washington Post

He, along with others, are really smart people who calculate the effects of these kinds of things, say their data shows that even halfway around the world, we can feel their effects in the metropolitan area.

A powerful undersea volcanic eruption is a force to be reckoned with and Pacific islanders are bracing for more power outages, swells and volcanic dust storms.

According to the Washington Post, University of Auckland volcanologist Shane Cronin, who has studied Tonga for years, said, “This is one of the massive eruptions that a volcano is able to produce approximately every thousand years.”

So, what did the data say about how it affects us in the metropolitan area?

Here in the metropolitan area, News10 meteorologist Jill Zuid thinks we can feel more than just seismic waves. Some of the ash could make its way to New York, Szwyd said, “but it would be in a much lower concentration.”

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