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A Guide to Engagement Rings: Styles and More | Engagement Rings

You may consider popping the ultimate question if you’ve been dating someone for a while. But before you ask the big one, “will you?” you’ll have to first decide on the ring you want to propose. Being familiar with engagement rings, styles, cuts, settings, and popular trends will give you the knowledge you need to be prepared for when the time finally comes, especially if it’s quickly creeping up.

While there are a plethora of jewelers out there who specialize in diamonds and engagement rings, we’re going to focus here on the VRAI engagement rings. This is because VRAI jewelry is a favorite among consumers and celebrities, making them diamond and engagement ring industry leaders.

Mined Diamonds vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds

VRAI diamond jewelry is unique because the diamonds used are all lab-grown. This separates the jeweler in the industry because they can achieve zero carbon emissions. In other words, lab-grown diamonds are much more environmentally friendly than their organic counterparts. However, this is due primarily to the mining processes involved in mined diamonds rather than the natural occurrence of the gemstone itself. This isn’t the only fault that’s been pointed out in the world of diamond mining. The diamond mining industry has also been scrutinized for its cruel labor practices. All-in-all is making lab-grown diamonds a much more environmentally and socially-friendly practice.

You may wonder if there are significant differences between mined and lab-grown diamonds, and the answer is that there aren’t. Chemically, structurally, and aesthetically, lab-grown diamonds are identical to their organic counterparts. The primary way mined diamonds differ from lab-grown diamonds is their market value and supply.

Natural diamonds are constantly created within our earth, while lab-grown diamonds are newer to the scene, so fewer are out there. Eventually, lab-grown diamonds could surpass the number of natural ones, but they remain in fewer numbers for now.

Getting the Right Cut

When choosing an engagement ring from VRAI, or any jeweler, picking the cut can be one of the best parts. This is because there are a variety of cuts to choose from, all of which show off the elegance and shine of the diamond in different ways. Not to mention, the cut of the gem you choose can say a lot about the dynamic of your relationship, including the personalities involved.

At VRAI, the most popular cuts consumers choose from include the oval, round, and pear cuts.

This gives the wide-eyed and deeply in love options and styles for them to choose from while crafting the perfect engagement ring.

Selecting and Setting

Next on the list of choices to make in creating the perfect engagement ring is the setting selection. Again, there are a variety of settings from which consumers can choose.

At VRAI, there are 19 different settings that consumers can choose from. There is the traditional solitaire stone, an elegant three-stone setting, a halo, a hidden halo option, a two-tone setting, a bezel option, and a vintage-inspired setting.

Picking the proper cut and pairing it with the right setting will guarantee that you end up with an engagement ring that is both stunning and a reflection of the love you and your partner share.

Putting in Your Personality

Another big piece of the puzzle that comes into play in the world of engagement rings is picking a ring that reflects your personality and the personality and style of your lover and partner.

This is arguably the most critical part of any engagement ring because it shows that you love the person and know them on a deeply intimate level. After all, you’ve been able to choose a ring that reflects their style and that you know they’ll love.

Final Thoughts on VRAI Engagement Rings

VRAI diamonds have been catching the eye of the media as of late as several celebrities have been wearing them to various events. While the rings and diamond jewelry created by VRAI are stunning, what’s even more impressive is that it’s all created without a carbon footprint in their zero-emission foundry.

Opt for a lab-grown engagement ring that is both budget and environmentally friendly without losing any of the visual appeal or meaning.