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50 Beautiful Engagement Rings From Real Brides

We’re guilty of swooning over perfectly cut diamonds and dazzling gemstones as much as the next person. So we, of course, thought this would be the perfect excuse to round up some stunning sparklers from real brides. After all, beautiful engagement rings are overwhelming—it can be hard to narrow down a style that best reflects who you are.

If you’re a classic bride, you can’t go wrong with a channel setting or solitaire diamond. And whether classic or modern (or both), it’s easy to fall in love with the more popular round, cushion, and princess cuts, found in a variety of styles. More times than not, they’re complemented by a halo setting (hint: it makes the center diamond look even larger). Of course, there’s always a striking emerald cut, whose large, rectangular size is worth ogling over, and the marquise-cut diamond, which never fails to emit regal vibes.

If your style is more alternative, there are plenty of options besides the standard white diamond. Whether it’s sapphire, emerald, pink quartz, or another gorgeous jewel, colored gemstones are on-trend right now. Their bold hues often make enough of a statement that the rest of the beautiful engagement ring can remain simple and minimal.

Antique pieces, whether truly an heirloom or a modern ring inspired from a different era, often have a unique look that you won’t see on the street every day.

Ahead, scroll through 50 beautiful engagement rings from real brides. (We won’t blame you if you “accidentally” leave your favorite open on the computer screen.)