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5 DIY design ideas to take from Priyanka Chopra’s stunning homes

Priyanka Chopra/Instagram

Opt For A Neutral Palette

Starting with a neutral base palette, one is welcomed with soothing colors and fabrics complemented by minimalistic furniture upon stepping into this house. Together with a level of sophistication, this quintessential home features a vast range of eclectic elements harmoniously woven in a monochrome color scheme. This living space showcases modernity and boasts of wooden furnishings, soft neutral walls, and tall windows that beautifully let the mellow sunlight seep through the curtains. Wooden textures, through the use of teak and oak wood, along with the inclusion of a range of fabrics and lush greens, bring in freshness. This home is outfitted with furniture, lighting, soft furnishings, rugs, decor and art pieces to style the space.

All White Cozy Corners For You (And Your Pets)

No space is complete until all of its nooks are lovingly decorated. And luckily, corner decoration tends to be easy. Sometimes all it takes is an accent chair, a gallery wall, a soft rug, a fuzzy chair for your pet, or an indoor plant. The white trend seems to be going strong. Strike a balance between clean-lined modernism and all-out glamour. Keep the base color any neutral shade you like – off-white, light beige, and pearl white are all the rage right now. And if you are planning to set up a cozy corner for your dog, consider using an unused corner of a room. Corners are often underutilized spaces, so putting a dog bed in one shows that you value space, as seen in one of Priyanka Chopra’s homes.

Diana Chopra Jonas/Instagram

Wooden Accents For A Touch Of Warmth

In a field of fleeting trends, refreshing grays wrapped in the warmth of wood hit like a soothing wave of nostalgia. The sheer comfort and timeless appeal of spacious, sunlit environments with earthy elements and soft fabrics are hard to miss. Enveloped in polished teakwood layers, the walls close in with comfort while ambient natural light from the spectacular window wall invites a breeze of positivity. Home planning gravitates towards a clean, clutter-free layout with design consistency and balance as its core ideas. The home morphs into a decidedly modern canvas with maintenance-friendly materials and a neutral color scheme of gray variants. The compositions are purposeful, breaking monotony to create a series of visual interests.