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40 Backyard Wedding Ideas That Are Anything But Casual

What’s not to love about a backyard wedding? They’re intimate, convenient, and—perhaps best of all—often a budget-friendly (if not free) venue. But before you write off a backyard wedding as an overly casual affair that welcomes a rustic vibe only, know that there are endless backyard wedding ideas to transform it into anything you want it to be. After all, there is no place like home.

“For us, it was all about sharing our home with our family and friends, and inviting them into this day with us,” says wedding planner Alicia Fritz of her own wedding. “Our guest list was very diverse. We wanted to bring the level of comfort and familiarity to a group that was unfamiliar with each other, and we thought there is nothing better to break down barriers or ingratiate our guests than inviting them to our home. ”

Meet the Expert

Alicia Fritz is the founder of A Day in May, a luxury event planning company. She has been planning, designing, and producing weddings for over a decade, including her very own at-home backyard nuptials.

Fritz says the freedom to get creative is one of the greatest advantages of a backyard wedding. “Aside from our own wedding, A Day in May Events is often working with blank canvases, like an empty and sprawling lawn or landscape, to transform into a wedding venue,” she says. “The ability to build the venue the way you want it, or envision it, is a gift.” So let your creativity run wild with inspiration.

From a wild organic feel to a classy tented reception, these 40 fresh backyard wedding ideas prove that an at-home wedding doesn’t have to be laid-back.

Michela Buttignol/Brides