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24 DIY Wedding Centerpieces You’ll Love

Whether you’re hosting a glamorous party for 300 or an intimate micro-wedding for 30, there are tons of ways you can cut costs and still pack a punch when it comes to decor. From full-blown DIY centerpieces to smaller do-it-yourself projects, you can leave your mark in a way that’s personal and custom, according to floral designer Tara Guenther, of the Chicago-based design studio, Taxaflora.

Meet the Expert

Tara Guenther is the owner of Taxaflora, a floral design studio specializing in floral art and innovative design for weddings and events.

When it comes to DIY centerpieces, there are a handful of things to seriously consider before jumping into creating the centerpieces of your dreams:

  1. Do your research: Handling any wedding decor yourself is a big endeavor, so approaching the task by being well-informed when it comes to design inspiration and necessary tools is the first step in the right direction. “Look through some blogs, Pinterest, look at what other people have done to see what you do and don’t like,” recommends Geunther.
  2. Set a budget: “Calculate some rough figures on what all the items you want would cost and see how that fits into your budget,” says Guenther. When it comes to flowers, intricate, tightly packed arrangements will put a big hit on your budget, so opt for looser, more casual compositions to keep it cost-effective.
  3. Create a timeline: This is an essential step in setting realistic expectations when it comes to what’s possible for centerpiece design, whether it’s florals or something inventive. “Try to estimate a timeline of when you would need to get everything ordered, when you’ll pick up, process flowers and make the arrangements (if necessary), and deliver everything to the venue,” says Guenther.
  4. Ask for help: This is Guenther’s biggest encouragement: “You can’t do this alone. So much goes on the days leading up to the wedding, and you don’t want to miss out on those once in a lifetime moments while you’re worrying about centerpieces!”

Recruiting someone to help who loves flowers is incredibly beneficial; bonus points for someone with some type of art or design experience.

Now, discover 24 DIY wedding centerpieces you’re sure to love.